What does 'request to license' mean?

You've found a tune that makes your heart skip a beat on SoundCloud. Now, how do you go about getting permission to use it?

'Request to license' is a way for you to get a synchronization license to the track you'd like to use through Getty Images Music.

It's fairly simple: for each track you want to use, you'll pay a licensing fee -- which gives you the rights to use a track based on the licensing model and the specific rights you are purchasing.

When you submit a request to license, we'll do the following:

  • Review the track to determine if the song can be licensed
  • Contact the owner of the track
  • Handle all the details -- like releases and pricing

How long do I have to wait?
Time varies between a few days and a few months. Can't wait? To find tracks available for immediate licensing, search now.

How much does it cost?
Pricing varies depending on how you plan to use the track you're licensing. See examples below, and see our full rate card here.

Usage type Duration Territory Price
Web/mobile advertising Up to 1 year Worldwide $350 USD
Radio programming Perpetual distribution rights Worldwide $200 USD
TV promo Perpetual distribution rights Up to 1 country $500 USD
Film - Trailer Perpetual distribution rights Up to 1 country $5,000 USD

Send your request to Getty Images Music now!

You are requesting to license the track "Vir - New Loop" by Vir Sloane through Getty Images Music

Provide us your contact information and we'll let you know when the track is ready for licensing.

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